Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Lost time is never found again Warm Ups:1.Before he was recognized as a poet Hughes held many different jobs. 2.He worked as a ranch hand, a teacher, a farmer, and a nightclub chef.
Math:Word Prob.7 Sun Shine Math VII Study Guide Science: NONE Social Studies: Immigration Report L.A.: NONE
Math: Same as Monday Science: NONE Social Studies: Immigration Report L.A.: NONE
The pleasure you get out of life is equal to the effort you put into it. 1. Hughes put his work work experiences to use in poems that expressed the hopes and dreams of ordinary African-Americans. 2. He wove the rhythms of African music into his poetry. He used Jazz and the blues. Math:sunshine math VII Science:NONE Social Studies:Immigration Report L.A.:NONE
Don't fall before you are pushed. 1.Hughes' first book of poetry was The Weary Blues which in 1926 won him a wide audience. 2. It established him as a major figure in The Harlem Renaissance a period of great creativity among African-American writers in New York in the 20's. Math: NONE Science: NONE Social Studies: Immigration L.A.: NONE
1. Nobody's sure when or where Limericks were first written. 2.However of all five-line poetic forms, Limericks are better known. Math:NONE Science:NONE Social Studies:NONE L.A.:NONE